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How to make add-on/extension updates compatible with Watchful

Watchful automatically detects when software updates are available for the add-ons/extensions installed on websites. 

It does this by examining sites for compatible software.

For Joomla developers, it is easy to make your extension compatible with Watchful and automatically have software updates made available to all Watchful users. 

Free extensions

For cost-free extensions, simply follow the official documentation for supporting the Joomla updater which applies for Joomla 2.5 and greater:

Paid Extensions

One of the unique features of Watchful is the centralized license manager. By storing your licenses/Download IDs in Watchful, you can seamlessly update commercial extensions alongside free extensions. 

In addition, you will not need to enter the license information in each and every site — adding it to Watchful alone is sufficient (a very convenient feature when licenses change). 

Since the Joomla updater now supports transmitting license information, we recommend that updates for paid extensions follow the Joomla updater documentation above. In addition, Akeeba Backup Pro serves as an excellent example of this implementation.

Once that is in place, simply contact us to add your license/Download IDs to the Watchful license manager.

Domain-restricted updates

Some Joomla extensions restrict updates on a per-domain basis. This type of update is very complex and usually unique for each software vendor. 

If you would like Watchful to consider supporting domain-specific updates for your extension(s), please contact us.