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Installing the Watchful client

The Watchful client allows a Joomla web site (client site) to communicate with the (server site) server. This allows you to monitor and manage all of your Joomla web sites from the Watchful dashboard.

Complete the following steps to add a Joomla site to the Watchful dashboard.

Part A - Install Client and Add Site

1. After logging in to your account at, visit the Downloads tab on the My Account page.

2. Click the Download button to download the Watchful client appropriate for your version of Joomla (1.5, 2.5 3.x, and greater).


3. Open a new browser, login to the administrative backend your Joomla site and install the Watchful client as you would with any add-on using the native Joomla installer (Main Menu > Extension Manager).

4. On the post-install screen, click the Add site to Watchful button


** Note the unique Secret Key. If you misplace this key, you can view it at any time by selecting Components > Watchfulli in the main menu.

Note that every site will have its own unique Secret Key, or you may customize the key at any time.

5. After completing the steps above, you will be returned to the Watchful Dashboard where your new site is now added. If all has gone well, the site should show a green checkmark icon in the Validity column.


6. If you are using Akeeba Backup, you may also take this opportunity to schedule backups for your site.