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Monitoring sites behind a .htaccess / .htpasswd

Some people want to protect their Joomla web sites by restrict access to whole website with a username and password.

An .htaccess file is used to indicate what user(s) can access the site and its contents while the username/password combinations are stored in the .htpasswd file. 

Once the .htaccess / .htpasswd combination has been configured, all http and https requests (i.e. loading the folder in a web browser) will require credentials to proceed.

Because of that watchful won't be able to access your website anymore.

To allow watchful to access your website you can use this:

Go to your watchful dashboard, find that website click on "Editbutton and inside "Site url" provide your .htpasswd user and password like this:


You can use http:// or https:// depending if you're using or not SSL on your website.