Francesco Abeni joins Watchful as interim CTO


Watchul is pleased to annunce that Francesco Abeni will be joining the development team at Watchful as interim Chief Technology Officer.

Francesco is one of the original members of the Watchful development team and is well-suited to expanding the feature set and modernizing the code base.

Francesco replaces Pierre-Andre Vullioud as CTO who, along with David Pizzotti, has sold their interest in Watchful to current CEO Victor Drover who becomes the sole owner.

Watchful officially dissolved it's original partnership on November 8, 2018. Pierre-Andre and David are moving on to other projects and their involvement in Watchful officially ends on Dec. 31 at the conclusion of the transition perioid. 

Cory Webb — the well-known Joomla and Wordpress developer — has also joined the Watchful. Cory adds an enormous amount of skill and experience to the team

"Watchful has a bright future," said Mr. Drover. "I'm excited to be working with Francesco and Cory and I am looking forward to seeing their impact on the Watchful platform."


Sander Potjer
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