Updates for Akeeba Subscriptions now supported

Akeeba Subscriptions

Today we are thrilled to officially announce what some Watchers already know — updates for Akeeba Subscriptions can now be performed directly from the Watchful Dashboard.

Akeeba Subscriptions joins our growing list of commercial add-ons that can be remotely updated, including the ever popular Akeeba Backup Pro and Admin Tools Pro.

Remote updates for Akeeba Subscriptions and all commercial Joomla add-ons requires an active subscription with the software vendor. Simply place the download ID or license key from the vendor in your Watchful account details to enable remote updates.


Enoch Lavender
Watchful provides a clear-cut overview of my web sites, enabling me to easily keep them up-to-date with the latest Joomla/components updates as I choose. If I need support, their support is quick and effective. Enoch Lavender / easyjoomla.com.au