Updates from JoomUnited available now

joomunited joomla extension updates

Effective immediately, updates for the suite of Joomla extensions from the JoomUnited team are now supported by Watchful.

JoomUnited produces a suite of easy-to-use tools for the Joomla CMS including their popular Drop series. These products — DropTables, DropEditor, DropPics, and DropFiles — are focused on adding functionality to Joomla that leverages the very common drag-n-drop interface element. 

JoomUnited also produces a number of other Joomla add-ons that are a mix of free and paid extensions. Once you add the JoomUnited download key/token to the centralized license manager in watchful, updates for all their software products will appear in the Dashboard. 

Applying updates for JoomUnited Joomla extensions then becomes a few simple clicks like all the other free and commercial extensions supported by Watchful.

Full details on adding the JoomUnited download key/token are available in the official press release at JoomUnited.


Sander Potjer
Thanks to the built in support for the ACL Manager Download Key, users of Watchful.li can update ACL Manager on all their sites with just a single click. Sander Potjer / aclmanager.net