As many of you have likely heard, an incredibly serious and widespread security vulnerability was recently reported in OpenSSL, an important cryptographic software library used on many servers. 

OpenSSL is used to secure large swaths of internet communications and thus the Heartbleed weakness allows attackers to eavesdrop on communications, steal data directly from services and users and to impersonate services and users (learn more at heartbleed.com). 

Thankfully, the global response to Heartbleed has been robust and if you recently found yourself unexpectedly logged out of services, it’s likely due to Heartbleed patches.

Watchful is not vulnerable to Heartbleed

From the day we opened our doors, the entire Watchful experience has been delivered via an SSL connection. Despite some parts of our infrastructure being affected by Heartbleed, there is no evidence that any of your site details have been compromised in any way


Announcing our new partnership with Nestlé Group - Happy April Fools!

As most IT professionals know, coffee and other caffeinated beverages are the key to running a successful agency. Running out of coffee supplies, especially the coffee itself, is thus a serious problem that happens all too often in offices around the world.

Unfortunately, most offices continue to use an analog caffeine delivery system which lacks the ability to monitor coffee supply levels. However, with the growing popularity of digital, pod-based coffee machines, we decided to apply our website monitoring technology to solve the problem of unexpected coffee outages. 

New partnership with Nespresso

After months of highly confidential research and development, today we are proud to announce a new corporate partnership with Nestlé Group, makers of the Nespresso coffee system. 

Nestlé Group is located in Lausanne, Switzerland — just 10 km from the Watchful European headquarters — and provides "on demand" solutions for nervousness and fatigue. Since Watchful relieves some of these same corporate ailments, both the geographic and business alignments were ideal.

As a result of this symmetry and lots of hard work, we have today released a new Coffee App for Watchful to let you know when your Nespresso supplies need attention. 

Additional Devices

Our market research and feedback from our beta testers indicate that 100% uptime of your caffeine-delivery device is one of the most important priorities for any office or agency. Thus, we are currently working with other popular brands such as Keurig to help get our update technology into as many offices as possible.


watchful wallpaper april-2014-web

Our April desktop wallpaper is now available with a monthly calendar and highlights the four (4) upcoming Joomla Days in the next few weeks.

Credit: Gwendolyn Stansbury / Flickr / Creative commons

You can download the appropriate size for your screen below.

Pro-tip: These look great on iOS and Android devices :)

  1. Square 75 (75 x 75)
    1. Square 150 (150 x 150)
    2. Thumbnail (100 x 56)
    3. Small 240 (240 x 135)
    1. Small 320 (320 x 180)
    2. Medium 500 (500 x 281)
    3. Medium 640 (640 x 360)
    4. Medium 800 (800 x 450)
    1. Large 1024 (1024 x 576)
    2. Large 1600 (1600 x 900)
    3. Large 2048 (2048 x 1152)
    4. Original (2560 x 1440)

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