Before launching Watchful back in September, we had prepared a number of market projections to help us set our prices. 

In those projections, we made specific assumptions about the size of the Joomla market and the demographic of our potential customers.

For example, we know many 1-3 person web development shops who would be well suited by our 25-site or 100-site subscription plans to perform remote Joomla upgrades and maintenance. 

We also meet lots of high-level end users at Joomla events who manage a handful of sites. Our 5-site Starter plan was designed with them in mind. 

While both of these groups indeed find good value in Watchful, we were initially surprised by the interest at the higher end and we regularly receive requests from much larger agencies with hundreds or thousands of sites.

In retrospect, this makes perfect sense since remote, bulk management of web sites provides increasing returns as the number of sites increases.

In response to this feedback, we have now officially launched our Enterprise Pricing page

This additional pricing handles everything from 101 to 5000 sites and reduces the per-site cost to as little as $0.60/month.

If you have additional needs beyond this, please contact us directly. 

Thanks and happy Watching!