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Watchful celebrates second birthday with new design and $215 in free gifts

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On September 3rd, we quietly celebrated the second anniversary of the Watchful launch with a new site and matching logo. 

We’ve heard lots of positive feedback from our users about the new design, and today we’re finally ready to make some noise and celebrate in style!



Joomla Online Training

1 month personal video plan

$25 Value


Joomla SEO Software

sh404SEF, 2 months support

$24 Value


Inbound Marketing Software

jInbound, 2 months free

$49 Value


Blooging with Joomla

free eBook download

$9 Value


Content & gallery module

free ZenTools download

$27 Value

ACL Manager

Easy Joomla Permissions

ACL Manager, 1 month support

$33 Value


Responsive Joomla Template 

JS Techie

$48 Value

Celebrating with friends is better

Instead of asking for presents for ourselves, we’ve asked some of our friends in the Joomla community to celebrate our birthday by giving gifts to all our new customers.

And boy oh boy, were they generous! All together, this birthday bundle is worth $215 in Joomla goods and services — 100% free of charge to all new purchases made in the next week.

The bundle includes online from OS Training, SEO software from Anything Digital, Inbound Marketing software from jInbound, the Blogging with Joomla eBook from JoomlaBlogger, ZenTools from JooomlaBamboo, ACL Manager, and the JS Techie template from JoomlaShack.

What about existing customers?

Existing monthly customers can take advantage of the offer as well. Simply upgrade to any annual plan and you’ll receive the free gifts.

Terms and Conditions

This offer is valid until midnight CDT on September 17, 2014. Terms and conditions are the same as our standard terms and conditions with the following exception: refunds will not be issued if any of the free gifts have been redeemed from their vendors. 

Terms for the free gifts are provided by each vendor and are summaried below:

  • OS Training - 1 month free access to online Joomla training videos
  • Anything Digital - sh404SEF download and 2 months updates and support
  • jInbound -  jInbound download and 2 months updates and support
  • JoomlaBlogger - eBook download
  • JoomlaBamboo - ZenTools download
  • ACL Manager - ACL Manager download and 1 month updates and support
  • JoomlaShack - JS Techie download and standard support

Why use Watchful?

It takes you days to update all your sites.

It takes you days to update all your sites.
Logging into websites and individually applying software updates is time-consuming and error-prone. With Watchful, we let you know what updates are available and help you apply updates across all your sites at the same time.
Jonathan Frewin
Watchful cut my monthly [maintenance] time down from days to hours.
Jonathan Frewin /
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You use WordPress and Joomla! in your agency.

You use WordPress and Joomla! in your agency.
Watchful works seamlessly with the two most popular website softwares: Wordpress and Joomla. And the list of supported applications is growing.
Matthew Philogene provides a great overview of all our projects. Great support, great tools, cannot live without!
Matthew Philogene /

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You don’t offer maintenance plans for your customers.

You don’t offer maintenance plans for your customers.
Maintenance plans are a key way most agencies generate recurring revenue and keep in regular contact with their clients. With Watchful you can offer professional maintenance plans and deliver white-label reports to show your clients the value of your work.
Martijn Boomsma
Watchful keeps us on track with updates and maintenance tasks so our clients sites are always monitored and up-to-date.
Martijn Boomsma /

Learn more about White-Label Reports

You don’t check your websites for security problems or backups.

You don’t check your websites for security problems or backups.
Watchful helps you monitor industry-accepted best-practices and potential security issues. And if a problem arises, Watchful’s customer support is there to help you understand the problem and advise you on possible solutions.
Joe Sonne
Using Watchful is far better than having to deal with a hacked website because a site fell behind in security updates.
Joe Sonne /

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You manage your websites manually.

You manage your websites manually.
We started like that! But our spreadsheets and reminders quickly became very complicated. We designed Watchful to simplify website management and actually make it pleasant experience.
Kristoffer Sandven saves me from manually monitoring dozens of websites - I can keep them updated with just a few clicks from a single, slick interface!
Kristoffer Sandven /

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Watchful News and CMS Blog

WordPress support officially launches for Watchful - the webmasters toolbox

24 March 2017 / News

Effective immediately, Watchful now officially supports backups, updates, monitoring, and maintenance for websites powered by WordPress.

Preparations for migration to Amazon Web Services nearly complete

14 March 2017 / News

In the coming weeks, we plan to migrate our infrastructure from WiredTree to Amazon Web Service (AWS).

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